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Saktipat in the saiva kashmir’s tradition

I Ketut Wisarja and Ni Gusti Ayu Agung Nerawati

Saktipat in a spiritual academy is something significant, in which a teacher gives energy to disciples in order to expand the disciples’ spiritual awareness. At all time, the teacher will pay attention to the spiritual development of the disciples. When the disciples are ready, the teacher’s saktipat will flow to them. In the Trika Saiva tradition in Kashmir this is called anugraha or a grace, bestowed by Shiva himself. This article descriptively conveys the saktipat of Śiva bestowed to disciples who are ready. The saktipat form varies depending on the level of the disciple itself. There are disciples who receive a full saktipat (Tivra), or a medium saktipat (madya) and a little saktipat (manda), all of which are adjusted to the quality of each of the disciples. Those who receive full saktipat will immediately attain liberation, whereas those who receive medium saktipat must experience more sadhana, disciplined and dedicated practice or learning, so that they are finally able to obtain liberation. While those who accept a little saktipat must remain trapped in life's samsara. The Saktipat was obtained in various ways whether it be through touch, a look in the eye, mantras and etc. The impact of saktipat for the disciples is that they are automatically helped to develop spiritually so that they reach final deliverance.

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