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On new space-time theory (part I)


1.amend the two postulates of the special relativity. 2.set “the measurement is founded to change the object by destroying the original quantum coherence between the object and its environment” as the third postulate. 3.from the third postulate (new added postulate) educe: the concept of the reference system’s referenced weight and perhaps the reference system’s space is something nearby the referenced weight; time coordinate should be something as space coordinate there is not the problem to have to synchronize the clocks of the two reference systems before simultaneous time measurement; the essence of Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle; the “actual length” of the same measurement unit in different case is different; it is the reference system’s taking measurement instead of the ether or the object’s motion that changes the being measured object; two reference systems (e.g. Σ and Σa and their relative motion may be uniform or not) taking simultaneously measure of the same quantity of the same object their measurement will disturb each other and “the numerical values before Σ’s unit” ≠ “the numerical values before Σa’s unit” (only when the relative motion speed v=0 can the sign ≠ just turn into =); even in uniform relative motion Σ and Σa still are different for the relative motion and they may have different referenced weight, in taking simultaneously measure of the same speed of relative motion the speed numerical values of Σa is v while of Σ is va11/a44. 4.from the three postulates express the relation between the numerical values of the two reference systems taking simultaneous measurement of the same speed by matrix and the same small moving particle’s mass by the element of the matrix; determine the speed of the photon which come from “in motion” light source by the photon’s speed when light source “in stationary” and the reference systems’ coordinate relation; determine two reference systems’ coordinates relation when reduced the case educe generally there is not the invariant interval, re-reduced the case and re-re-reduced the case then educe the essence of “in motion” time dilate or contract meanwhile space contract or dilate in all directions, moving micro-particle’s time to dilate and space to contract in all directions, superluminal photonic tunneling experiment, quasar’s super-luminal expansion and fine structure constant’s lessening, took Michelson-Morley experiment with the light from the sun or quasars or high-speed (close to C) moving micro-particle all obtained zero result.

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