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Impact of capacity building trainings and extension communication programmes on the bivoltine sericulture development in andhra pradesh

P. Sudhakar, B. Vijaya Naidu, K. P. Kiran Kumar N. G. Selvaraju and Pankaj Tewary

Production of gradable Bivoltine raw silk and elevation of India in to International market has become the priority of Indian Sericulture Industry. To achieve the above objective a novel method “Cluster Promotion Programme (CPP)” was implemented under XI & XII five year plans during 2014-2019 all over India. Out of 178 clusters chosen to implement CPP in India for the development of Bivoltine sericulture, 102 clusters were considered to implement in Southern India and out of which 13 were identified to administer CPP in Andhra Pradesh (AP). Accordingly during the period a total of 642 CBTs and ECPs were organized along with other cluster development activities and sensitized 41,139 farmers on improved technical knowhow of mulberry cultivation and silkworm rearing for enhanced quality leaf and Bivoltine cocoon production. The details of ECPs organization in the increasing order as 46 ECPs were organized by sensitizing 2,556 farmers under East Godawari district followed by 49 ECPs among 2,870 under West Godawari; 67 ECPs among 2,322 farmers under Prakasham; 79 ECPs among 3,044 farmers under Kurnool; 149 ECPs among 13,856 farmers under Chittoor, whereas 252 farmers among 15,491 farmers under Ananthapur district, respectively.
Due to the above efforts a total of 382.13 lakhs of DFLs were brushed as against the target of 351.50 lakhs DFLs with 112.61% of achievement. Cocoon yield for 100 dfls brushed was recorded 71.07kg compared to the bench mark yield of 42kg/100 dfls with 112.61% increase. The international standards of raw silk production was enhanced to the level of 3,899.3 MTs compared to the bench mark yield of 13.5MT during the period resulting in 99.56% thereby influencing the increased market value of cocoon fetching to a tune of Rs. 366.9 over bench mark rate (Rs. 212.5) resulting in 72.66% increase. The impact of CBTs & ECPs also corroborated in enhancing the quality cocoon production of 28,478.4MT among 10,993 sericulturists. The extension communication activities were also motivated 1,43,467 farmers to take up sericulture by undertaking 16,615.5 acres of new mulberry plantation with V1 high yielding mulberry variety contributing to the horizontal growth of sericulture by replacing the other agricultural, horticultural and floricultural crops as because they have been proved not prospective, unstable and incur huge losses. Further, in-depth adoption level of sericulture among the sericulturists not only contributed significant level production of gradable Bivoltine raw silk but also generated a ray of hope in improving the socio economic conditions of the sericultural farming fraternity.

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