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Homa jnana’s practice at the bahung tringan community in bebandem, karangasem

I Gede Suwantana and Ni Wayan Sumertini

Homa Jnanawhich was carried out by the BahungTringan community is unique because it does not use spells in the process but mind. The Homa Jnana participants who surround the Kunda are invited through their power of mind to present the essence of the earth's fire(apiibupertiwi),the air element (akasa), and knowledge(jnana)of individuals to be united with the pahomanfire or fire that has been turned on. From the meeting of the three fires in the fire at the same time, it was then created to present tirtapawitra which can be used for self-purification, cleaning the environment of negative energy and others as needed. This article descriptively explains the process of implementing Homa Jnana carried out by the BahungTringan community from the beginning to the end. In the preparation phase carried out is preparing all necessary components such as firewood, flowers, rice wong-wongan, pejati,canang (God’s offering), and tirta (holy water). At the stage of implementation begins with meditation, then followed with tri agni’swithdrawal, the spread of tirtapawitra (pawitra holy water) throughout the universe, and the return of the tri agni’s elements drawn. In the final stage is to sowing yellow rice(nasikuning) onto the fire, have the holy water (tirta),and discussion and evaluation of the implementation of the ceremony itself.

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