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The challenges in the process of social state in turkey: a sample from istanbul

Orhan Koçak., Serkan ETİ and Yunus Bayram

In today's world, not only developing also developed countries confront with economic and social challenges. These challenges create poverty in the end for societies. Poverty is the state of a person or people lack a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or required material for living seen in every society and it was common in the past and although it is not common, there is still poverty in today's modern world. However, globalization worked very well for the sake of the developed world and rich people became wealthier than before, it couldn't meet the needs of people are homeless, unhealthy, uneducated, can't reach labor market, stuck in poor conditions and in poverty. Poverty is the result of policies which is not giving equal opportunities from education and health to in reaching labor markets and business opportunities for everyone. Also, high immigration rates to cities, the lack of investments and infrastructure in a suburb and rural areas, increasing welfare payments which don't encourage people to work and the move of factories to countries where the labor is too cheap are another reasons the world have been facing.

Turkey is a developing country which increased its GDP 3 times, health services, education facilities; developed its infrastructure, social policies, social services and social aid in the last 15 years. The wealth which was created in the last 15 years couldn't be shared or distributed fairly among people. With these developments, metropolitan areas such as Istanbul and Ankara are getting more newcomers from small cities in Anatolia. This situation is producing a kind of poverty in some part of metropolitan cities. With this work, the effect of poverty on individuals and society will be evaluated. A survey with 120 people will be implemented in a suburb district of Istanbul. Their living conditions, expectations, education and income levels, and other data including demographic will be collected and analyzed with the regression and correlation methods. In the first part of the article, the literature is going to be reviewed, and in the second part, the results are going to be analyzed by using a statistical program.

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