In vitro pediculicidal activity of wood tar in jeddah, saudi arabia

Najia A. Al-Zanbagi and Dina F. Al-Hashdi

Head Lice, Pediculus humanus capitis are the greatest concern global parasites found in all socio-economic classes, affecting mainly the school age children feeding obligatory on human blood of their hosts. Head lice control displays the researcher’s challenges to introduce new and safe pediculcides. With increasing the head lice abundance in Jeddah city, the study came to examine some natural products to treat and prevent infestation of head lice, one of them is wood tar solution. The examination procedure included three stages following in vitro screening tests, head lice were observed for lack of response to stimuli over three hour period. In preliminary screening wood tar solution showed great activity after 30 to 180 minutes. In secondary screening the LC50 and LC90 of wood tar solution after 30 minutes were 47% and 62% respectively. In the tertiary stage, the best concentration for wood tar solution was evaluated as ovicidal agents.

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