In-vitro anticancer activity of eucheumacottoniiextracts against hela cell line, humn lung carcinoma cell line (sk-lu-1), human colon carcinoma cell line (hct-116), and fibroblast

Lee,JW., Wang, JH., Ng, KM., Tan, CH Rabina P and Teo, SS

In recent years, much focus has been put on finding new anticancer drugs that has lower side effects.Seaweed contains high level of polysaccharides especially sulphated polysaccharides which exhibit strong biological activities such as antitumor. Eucheumacottonii, the edible marine red algae is cultivated abundantly in Sabah of East Malaysia mainly for its kappa-carrageenan production. Recent studies have shown that E. cottonii was tumour-suppressive via apoptosis induction. In this in-vitro study, the anticancer effect of E. cottonii on various cell linewere evaluated. Cancer cells were exposed to various concentrations of E. cottonii crude extract for 24 hours. The results have shown that E. cottonii crude extracts induced cytotoxicity in various cancer cells in dose-dependent manner, as measured in MTT viability assay. A complete cessation in cell proliferation was observed using highest dose of extract (20.0mg/mL) for 24 hours incubation, showing strong cytotoxic effect of E. cottonii extract. However, the extracts of E. cottonii did not showed any effect on fibroblast, a human normal cell line. Overall, this study has demonstrated that E. cottoniiextracts may exhibit potential anticancer properties against various cancer cell line yet to prevent normal human cell line to be eliminated.

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