Use of species in homegardens of mato grosso: bairro são benedito

Eleonora Pedroso de Barros, Maria de Fatima Barbosa Coelho., Elisangela Clarete Camili., Rodrigo Aleixo Brito de Azevedo, Ludmila Porto Pitonand Vanessa Damasceno Gonçalves

Homegardens are familiar spaces for the use and management of different plant species. The objective of the present study was to survey the species in homegardens of the São Benedito in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso. The research was conducted through semi-structured interviews, associated with "snowball" and tour-guided techniques. A total of 101 species belonging to 45 genera and 53 families were recorded, including the families Asteraceae (11 spp.), Lamiaceae (9 spp.) and Araceae (6 spp.). Food, ornamental and medicinal species were observed. Most species were medicinal (45), belonging to 27 families and with a larger number of species belonging to the families Asteraceae (8 spp.) and Lamiaceae (8 spp.). The preparation of tea predominates and the diseases treated are mainly those related to the digestive system and inflammations.

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