A survey study on rational drug use among pharmacy faculty students in turkey

Nurcan Kilic-Baygutalp and Dilan Toktanis

Aim: Non-rational drug use, one of the most important health problems of this century threats community health care and economies of countries. In this study, the knowledge and awareness levels of pharmacy faculty students about rational drug use was evaluated.

Material and Method: The study is a sectional, descriptive questionnaire questionnaire study conducted in January 2014, on a totally of one hundred students (53 student in 4th term and 47 student in 5th term) of Ataturk University Faculty of Pharmacy. Questionnaire was consisted of twenty multiple choice and open-ended questions. Data was evaluated by SPSS 20.0 statistical programme with frequency analysis.

Results: It was seen that, the opinion of students about non prescription drug use was changed positively in seventy-one percent of students by being educated in faculty of pharmacy. On the other hand, fifty-four percent of students declared that they prescribe without illness with the opinion that the drugs may be necessary at a later time. The most commonly used non prescription drugs were analgesics, antibiotics, common cold medications, vitamines, antiacides and antihistaminics, respectively.

Conclusion: It was concluded that there was a high dispositon to non-rational drug use among pharmacy faculty students and the present education is being given about rational drug use is insufficient.

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