Structural and magnetic properties of thin films fe / ag deposited on a substrate sio2

Djabri A and Boukhalfa R

Thin layers of Iron/Silver (Fe / Ag) are prepared by the molecular jet epitaxy technique on substrates Silicon polycristalline (SiO2 / Si (100)), with a layer of iron (Fe) set to 300 Å and a buffer layer of silver (Ag) which varied between 0Å and 150 Å. The structural properties of the thin films are characterized by X-ray diffraction at low and high angles. The magnetic properties are characterized by the magneto-optical Kerr effect (MOKE) at room temperature (300°) with magnetic fields applied parallel and perpendicular to the layer plane. The X-ray diffraction at low and high angles confirmed the dependency of the roughness of the interface according to the thickness of the buffer layer tAg. Observation of magnetic isotropy in the layer plane is provided by measurements MOKE. The hysteresis cycles showed a dependence of the coercive force depending on tag buffer layer.

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