Strategies to produce clean fuels from agricultural and animal waste…a review

Vishakha A. Pawar., Monica J. Noronha., Anil S. Prajapati and Subramanian R. B

The concerns about energy and environment have encouraged governmental policies and scientific communities to develop novel approaches for the synthesis of biofuels. As economic growth is directly proportional to these scientific advancements, strategies for efficient utilization of readily available feedstock are grabbing extensive industrial attention. To accomplish these goals, metabolic engineering strategies are required to generate convenient host systems for successful production of biofuels. In this respect, this review aims at examining the potential bioresources and the manipulation of metabolic pathways for utilization of these resources for the production of biofuels. The review outlines the progress of metabolic engineering strategies for the production of pollution-free liquid transport fuels from alternative promising biomasses.

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