Is stock market liberalization responsible for development of stock market in south africa?

Wakilat Olabisi Balogun, Jauhari. B. Dahalan, Sallahuddin and B. Hassan

In response to the call for liberalization as the panacea to growth, South Africa liberalizes her stock market in the early 80s. The present paper investigates the influence of liberalizing the stock market on the development of stock market in South Africa. Using time series data that spans 1984 to 2013 the paper employs Ordinary Least Square method of estimation, results indicate that liberalizing the stock market in South Africa leads to development of the stock market. Findings show that stock market liberalization, liquidity of the market all exerts positive influence on stock market development. It is therefore recommends that other countries in the SSA should liberalize their stock market in order to further develop their stock markets.

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