Solid waste management -an overview of municipal solid waste handling in india

Rajneesh Kumar Gautam, Islamuddin, NandKishor More and Manjeet Singh

Municipal solid waste disposal and handling has become a serious concern for both urban and rural localities as it tends to create nuisance and health hazard thereby deteriorating the environment and ecosystem. Prior recycling can be done in efficient and eco-friendly manner to utilize the usable material from the waste materials for various purposes that may reduce the over exploitation of available natural resources. The waste can be used for generating energy in the form of heat and electricity i.e. waste to energy conversion. It may reduce the consumption of traditional fuels that are used for generating electricity also it can be used serve as standalone plants where electrification has not been done, but before that a proper system of collection, composting processing, recycling and disposal has to be adopted for the efficient and effective handling of the municipal solid waste so that it do not create nuisance to the environment and can be managed in a sustainable manner.

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