Seed germination of aristolochia esperanzae o. kuntze in different substrates and water potential

Maekawa,L, Albuquerque,MC, Coelho, MFB, Guimarães, SC and Camili EC

The aim of this study is to identify the most suitable substrates and the critical limits of water potential for germination of Aristolochia esperanzae seeds. Two experiments were conducted. At the first, were evaluated the substrates sand, sand and vermiculite at a ratio 1:1,roll of paper, on paper and between paper. In the second, the seeds were germinated in plastic boxes on paper substrate, moistened with water or polyethylene glycol solutions (PEG 6000), the following water potentials: zero (control); -0.2; -0.4; -0.8; -1.0 and -1.2 MPa. The experimental design was completely randomized with four replications. Seed germination occurs in water potential of zero to -0.8 MPa and the formation of normal seedlings at zero to -0.4 MPa. The substrate on paper provide higher percentage and speed of germination and are more suitable for the Aristolochia esperanzae seed germination test.

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