Prosthetic rehabilitation of hemi facial paralysis patient: a case report

Vinay PavanKumar Kadavakolanu., Ajay Choudhary., Jayakar Shetty., Chiranjeevi Reddy and Chandrasekharan Nair K

The success of prosthetic rehabilitation has always been holistic rather than mere manual dexterity of the prosthodontist. The emphasis on restoration of facial esthetics is an integral part of any prosthetic rehabilitation. The unsupported and paralyzed facial musculatures of especially the cheeks and lips have a detrimental psychological effect on the patient’s professional and social life. Prosthetic rehabilitation of such patient not only confines to replacement of missing teeth but also restoring the lost cheek support. Cheek plumpers or cheek lifting appliances have been effectively used for the purpose of improving aesthetics and psychological profile in such patients. This article focuses on simple, effective and a noninvasive technique of restoring the slumped facial musculature by incorporating cheek plumper in the dentures.

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