A pilot study on the effect of brief mindfulness based cognitive behaviour therapy (mbcbt-b) in individuals with residual depressive symptoms

Sivasubramoney K and Lekshmy K

Depression is a recurring and relapsing disorder of mind. Patients with depression suffer from varying levels of symptoms over considerable span amount of time. About 80% of individuals experiencing a single depressive episode go on to suffer multiple episodes during their lifetime. The current pilot study is an effort to study the effect of a Brief Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy intervention on individuals with residual depressive symptoms. This pilot feasibility trial on effect of MBCBT-B was helpful in elucidating the usefulness of this third wave psychotherapy in reducing symptoms in residual depression. Since this study entailed a shorter spanned, intense therapeutic schedule which eventually proved effective in symptom reduction with a high statistical significance, a more scientifically robust evidence generation is planned. Promising response of patients in terms of acute stress and symptom reduction and observed increase in mindfulness was found to be a significant finding.

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