Periodontal health awareness in antenatal mothers at a tertiary care teaching hospital in south india

Pranathi Reddy L., Srikanth C and Mohammed Ismail Khan

Background: Scientific evidence substantiates association between periodontal disease and its adverse effects on pregnancy outcomes like miscarriages, preeclampsia, preterm births and low birth weight. The study was designed to study the awareness of periodontal health in antenatal mothers.
Methods: Four hundred antenatal mothers attending the OP were recruited over a period of 5 months, after obtaining consent. An appropriately designed questionnaire in patient’s language was given to the patient to answer. The questionnaire was subdivided into 5 sub scales and the data was analysed by calculating percentages.
Results: Overall health awareness was poor in our patients, 25% of the patients had poor awareness (100 patients scored 0 - 6.25/25). 224 patients (56%) scored 6.26 - 12.5/25 and were classified as considerable awareness. Patients scoring 12.6 - 18.75/25 were classified as appreciable awareness and accounted for 14.75% of all the patients (n =59). Only 4.25% patients (n = 17) scored more than 18.76 on a scale of 25.
Conclusions: Public health awareness programs are essential to increase patient awareness and further research is required to establish etiological relationships between periodontal health and pregnancy outcomes.

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