Otgp and anti-theft using rfid

Samydurai.A., Shirly Sudhakaran., Caledoss.S and Hari Prasad.N

RFID is Radio Frequency Identification which is used for reading the tags on single products, which emit signals that can be detected by the reader devices. This OTGP (Online Toll Gate Payment) system provides online payment for tollgates and detecting theft vehicles using the RFID technology along with micro controller and GSM modem. The user has to register his/her number and when they need they can make the payment for the tollgates through online. Once the source and destination is selected the number of tollgates is listed and the payment is done. In all the tollgates where the user has made the payment, the number plate of the vehicle is detected automatically and is allowed to travel further. The same method is used to detect theft vehicles by requesting a search in the website for the registered ones.

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