Open access publication trend of top universities in india: a case study from 2011 to 2015

Barathi S., Deepjoti Kalita., Sindhujha D and Rajan V.R

Open access publication for public funded research has been a demand by scholarly community. Studies shows about the growing publishing trend in open access from Indian scholars. The current study evaluates about the open access publication trend of top 5 central universities of India in the period from 2011 to 2015. The top 5 central universities were identified from the National Institutional Ranking Framework, published by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India for the year 2016. Study was limited to items published as article or review only in journals which are indexed in the Scopus database. The findings of the study shows low share (only 14.37% of total items) of open access published contents from the top 5 universities during the period. Also an analysis of impact of the published contents via citation count reveals that even though the share of open access contents in the published literature were less but the rate of citation of the OA content were higher than that of the paid access contents. Average citation rate to the open access articles from the universities were 6.85 per article, while the same for the paid access items were 5.41 citations per article.

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