Occurance of malassezia in cattle from andhra pradesh

Rani Prameela D., Sreenivasulu D., Srimannarayana T., Vijaya Lakshmi, S., Radhika B and Karthik A

Ten skin scrapings collected from cattle with a history of dermatitis all over the body were brought to the lab for diagnosis.The skin scrapings were processed and subjected for screening against parasitic, bacterial and fungal examination. All the samples were found to be negative for parasitological & bacteriological examination. But found to be positive for fungal infections i.e. the yeast Malassezia.The colony morphology on sabouraud’s dextrose agar medium and microscopic examination of methylene blue stained smears revealed characteristic foot print or bottle shaped structure suggestive of Malassezia. Further all the cultural isolates were confirmed biochemically by Urease test. Later the isolates were subjected for invitro anti fungal sensitivity test. The isolates were shown highest sensitivity to ketoconazole (100%), followed by Nystatin (25%), Fluconazole (12.5%) and found resistance to Amphetrocin.

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