miRNAs: emerging players in hematological disorders

Grace Raji R., Linci Edatt and Sameer Kumar V. B.

MicroRNAs are the micromanagers of developmental processes capable of modulating different complex regulatory pathways. Many studies have addressed the role of miRNAs in hematopoesis where these tiny non coding RNA molecules has been reported to regulate different stages of hematopoesis and modify the hematopoetic niche. Extensive miRNA deregulation has been observed in different haematological disorders and their aberrant expression has been associated with solid tumors and hematologic malignancies. Moreover, miRNAs being post transcriptional regulators of gene expression, can play dual role as oncogene. This review attempts to focus and summarise the role of miRNAs in shaping the hematopoetic landscape, highlighting their diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic applications in various hemotological disorders.

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