Leisure activities and quality of life of the elderly in india

Garima Kumari and A.K Joshi

Engagement in meaningful leisure activities influence the quality of life of elderly people and improves life satisfaction. Leisure activities are important since childhood to old age as they define the life of an individual as well as the whole community. Old age is a period when people have more free time as compared to previous phases of life. Therefore the activities they involve in free time is very important to determine their quality of life.
Present paper is aimed to explore the relationship between the leisure activities and quality of life of the elderly. This study is based on secondary data obtained from different available literature on leisure activities and quality of life of an ageing population. Several literatures on ageing reviewed and an effort was made to conceptualize the findings.
The reviewed literature reveals a positive relation between leisure activities and quality of life amongst the elderly people. These activities rejuvenate the atmosphere, increase physical and mental capability, promote wellbeing, brain functioning and prevent memory loss.
A quality life must include an optimal portion of leisure participation. Leisure activity participation ensures the expression of hidden potentialities, gain control over the environment, and identify components that are crucial to sustain a healthy and happy life. Therefore leisure education is needed to make all the elderly understand the importance of leisure activities.

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