An innovative marketing strategy for milk in india

Ramesh L and Poornima S

India is the world’s largest dairy producer. India ranks first in milk production, accounting for 18.5 % of world production, achieving an annual output of 146.3 million tonnes during 2014-15 as compared to 137.69 million tonnes during 2013-14 recording a growth of 6.26 %. India’s economy is largely based on agriculture and animal husbandry in which milk production plays important role. It is also the largest buffalo milk producer in the world. Among all states in India, Uttar Pradesh is the leader in milk production in the country with an annual production of more than 20 Million Tonnes. Tamil Nadu is milk producing state and ranked 9th in the list of top 10 highest milk producing states in India. The increasing demand for convenient and hygienic foods at both, domestic and global level and availability of technology for processing of by-products, offer immense investment opportunities in the Indian dairy sector. The NEWTON software model shows that one of the most effective rumen modifiers works by supplementing the naturally produced organic acids needed by microbes as intermediates in the digestion process. VIVALTO supplies the enzyme cofactors to make the system work as quickly as possible, so that more of the nutrients from the gut are being converted into substrates. It resulted in a 2.7 kg increase in milk production in 200 days.

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