Indiscipline among secondary students in agbor

Nwadiokwu, C.N, Nwadiokwu, E.S, Favour, E.N and Okwuazun, M.E

The aim of this research project is to enlighten the students, parents, teachers, and the society as a whole the possible causes of indiscipline in schools citing agbor in delta state Nigeria.
Indiscipline has become a cankerous disease that is eating deeply into the moral fabrics of the society. The need of this study is therefore to enable the society have students who are well disciplined because they are the future leaders.
In carrying out this study, the causes of indiscipline was noted and discussed. Hypothesis was also formulated and data analysis was carried out to find out the authenticity of the hypothesis formulated.
This study will no doubt contribute its quota as to the inherent causes of indiscipline amongst students and therefore enlightens parents, teachers and principals on the ways of cubing such act of indiscipline.

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