Indicators of nursing quality: quantifying effects of nursing care interventions

Lilly Joseph( LillykuttyM.J) and Rebecca Samson

Professionals qualified in nursing science everywhere in the globe have a fascinating interest regarding quality nursing care which is desired by nurses and promised by nurses (Andreas Charalambous, Rena Papadopoulus, Alan Beadsmoore,2009)2. The monitoring and reporting of the nursing care and measuring nursing’s contribution to high-quality care considered as the high effect efforts of nursing and midwifery began when Florence Nightingale used statistical methods to identify the relationship between patient outcomes and environmental conditions in the 1850s (Montalvo, 20073; Griffiths P, Jull A, 20104). This long and respectful history tracing back to Florence Nightingale’s epidemiological focus to outcome measurements attracted the respect and warm approval from statisticians and epidemiologists very much alike. Moving forward on the footmarks of Nightingale, nursing science in 21st century, with its largest group of professionals has the responsibility to shape a framework for better patient outcomes through effective quality measurement that account for their actions, contributions and significance (AWHONN, 2013)5. Nursing Quality Indicators, the pronounced priority of this article attempts to review quality indicators with reference to nursing care and presents concepts related to nursing quality indicators, nursing sensitive indicators and nursing metrics.

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