Ict challenges for enhancing teaching learning process in higher education

Shaikh Fahemeeda

The innovative use of ICT is believed to be a game changer that can significantly strengthen India's higher education system and propel the country into becoming a “Knowledge superpower.” The innovative use of ICT in higher education addresses the three fundamental challenges of - Access; Equity & Quality. The present paper focuses on the use of information Communication technology in teaching learning process that will greatly contribute to meet student needs for learning anywhere, anytime. The author is describing a pre-service teacher training experience that used Information Communication Technology to develop teachers. This is an attempt to look at Integrating ICT in teacher education with an aim to bring ICT culture for teaching learning and improving teacher quality. The progress of any country depends upon the quality of education offered and its practices. Therefore, the main purpose of this paper is to discuss about Information Communication Technology integration process and accept the challenges as a teacher educator and as a student teacher which help to improve the teaching learning process in Teacher Education.

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