The history of thirumaruthudaiyar or archaneshwarar temple at kadathur

Saraswathi V.K

Kongu nadu has a special cultural heritage like Chera, Chola and Pandiya dynasties. In those days Kongu nadu was divided into three major divisions Upper Kongu, Northern Kongu and Southern Kongu. The holy places like Palani, Thiruvavinangudi, and Thirumurthi hill lie in this southern Kongu. The villages like Kolumam, Kumaralingam, Kannadiputhur, Kaniyur, Karatholuvu, Kadathur, and Solamadevi are popular in Kongu nadu. These villages are also called as 7 k villages they are historically significant as they remained as Devadana villages during the Kongu Chola period. These villages are famous for Shiva temples. There are eleven Shiva temples located on the way from Kolumam to Karur. All these Shiva temples have their own pride over the infinite power of lord Shiva and its Theertha. So Karaivalinadu has a fame of its own location. Kadathur is situated in the north of Madathukulam which lies on the path of Udumalai-palani highway. It is about ten kilometers away from Madathukulam and eighteen kilometer away from Udumalai. It is inscribed in the stone carvings that there is a fort wall with an army in the past related to this there is a place called Kottaimedu in the border of Kadathur and Palani road. Arjuneswarar Koil is situated on the banks of Amaravathi River in Kadathur. This has the tallest Swayambu Lingam in the Kongu Region. Swayambu Lingams manifest on its own that is not made by man. They appear suddenly or mysteriously without any human efforts. The main deity, Moolavar in this temple is Arjuneswarar. The alternate names for the Moolavar are Marudheesar, Marudhudaiyar and Marundheesar.

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