Higher education and university students: global perspective

Oswaldo Mendez Ramirez

This document aims to present how university students from four countries (Chile, Mexico, Argentina and Spain) define Higher Education. The research results are derived from a qualitative / interpretative study. natural semantic networks were used to obtained the data. The sample consisted of 350 students (n = 350). 70 students per country (Chile, Argentina and Mexico) and 140 for Spain. Field work was carried out in Chile in April 2012 (U of Chile), Mexico in May 2014 (UADEC), Argentina in October 2014 (U Nacional de Córdoba) and Spain in April 2015 (U of Salamanca). Research results show that for college students in these four countries, higher education: is made up of the institution, its actors and instruments (university, teachers, students, books,exams) is constituted by its relationship between conditions / benefits (quality, training, employment) and is supported by the elements that give it meaning (knowledge, learning, study).

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