Flipped english classrooms: a critical appreciation

Sophia Florence F.L and Dr.Akkara Sherine

Computers have revolutionised the way we live by influencing every field on the globe. In the field of education, especially in learning a second language, CALL has made many miraculous changes in language classrooms. Distance learning has become E- learning and reading is done, nowadays, through Kindle. Even writing is assessed online and in the future pen and paper exams are likely to be replaced by online assessments. In this situation teaching using computers has become a fundamental requirement. However, traditional classroom method of giving lectures by teachers during classes and assigning writing tasks as homework is becoming boredom and monotonous in this age of technology. Hence, it is need of the hour to create innovative pedagogical models and one such innovation is the flipped classroom technique, which is becoming recently famous worldwide especially for teaching tertiary students owing to its varied benefits. The flipped classrooms provide students with tremendous learning opportunities inside and outside classrooms. This article defines flipped classroom technology and explores the varied benefits of flipping English classes for tertiary students.

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