Experimental study of confinement in beams made of low strength recycled aggregate concrete

Asif Ali., Muhammad Javed., Muhammad Rashid., Ahtisham Munir and Sanaullah

It is evident from different research works that concrete made of recycled concrete aggregate produces low strength concrete thus use of this aggregate in structural concrete is much avoided. It is known that RC members increase strength and ductility when restrained laterally known as confinement. The RC design by different codes already suggests stirrups at specified spacing calculated for shear and torsional forces. But if appropriate proportion of stirrups are used, they shall increase strength, ductility and energy dissipation capacity of the member. This paper is concentrated to the possible enhancement in strength and ductility of low strength concrete beams made of recycled aggregate. This would increase the reuse of RCA reducing non-biodegradable debris landfill and also reducing carbon footprint on the environment by the industry.

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