Effectiveness of yoga as an intervention in mitigation of occupational stress among safety critical train operation staff on indian railways

Vishnu Kumar

Occupational stress among train operation staff is a matter of concern because its consequences are related with safety of the travelling passengers. Present paper discusses the two studies conducted by Psycho-Technical Directorate of Research, Designs and Standards Organization (RDSO), Ministry of Railways on train operation staffs of Indian Railways with an objective of probing effectiveness of Yoga in mitigation of work-related stress. First part of this study was conducted to understand the nature of job stress among the Drivers and the Assistant Station Masters, which revealed that Assistant Station Masters were more stressful and stress arising out of their assigned jobs was inversely related with their job satisfaction, performance rating and mental and physical health. Second part of the study aimed to study effectiveness of the intervention of Yoga techniques in reducing stress levels under able guidance of the expert practitioners. Pre and post Yoga results indicated positive impact of Yoga on physical, mental and cognitive health of the employees.

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