Can visual analogue scala (vas) be used in pain determination and palliation in multiple myeloma patients ?

Mehmet Hilmi Dogu and Sibel Haciogu

Multiple myeloma is a hematological malignancy seen with clonal proliferation of plasma cells and characterized by bone destruction. Most of the patients are elderly group and compression fractures due to lytic lesions and pain is very important in terms of quality of life and daily activity. Forty-two patients diagnosed with multiple myeloma were included in the study. Its status on the VAS pain scale, patients were asked to be descriptive mark. All patients of mean VAS value of 4.17 (± 2.95) that were observed. The total average VAS in 18 patients using analgesics 6.87 (± 1.35), while the not using of analgesics in 24 patients with an average VAS scores of 2.14 (± 1.65) that were observed (p <0.05). In conclusion determining the severity of pain and effective control is a point that should be noted. Repeating of VAS the follow-up of these patients could help to effective pain palliation

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