Application of greenstone digital library software (gsdl) in collection management of digitized research articles

Poonam V.Tapkir

Greenstone Digital Library Software (GSDL) is a complete suit for creating, building as well as distributing digital library collections. It specifically designed to be highly extensible and customizable. It adds new technology to the digital world to communicate and collaborate digital content of library to the end users. This paper interprets complete picture of GSDL software and shows how it is useful to create digital library collection of journals to make its more customized with the new Greenstone Librarian Interface. It has a great feature which allow user to create collection and metadata for documents, build it and put them in place for users to view. At the most advanced level, the Librarian Interface gives expert users interactive access to the full power of Greenstone, which could formerly be tapped only by running Perl scripts.

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