Analysis of cost oriented problem faced by the tea farmers in nilgiri district

Sivasankaran M.S and Varivel C

The Nilgiris district resides inside the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and a part of a larger mountain chain known as the Western Ghats. The Nilgiris district is mainly an agriculture district and its economy mainly depends upon the success or failure of crops especially the plantation crops like tea and coffee. The climatic environments and troposphere of the area make the Nilgiris District the appropriate place in South India for cultivation of tea as a result the zones under tea cultivation in Nilgiris are massive and spread. The cultivation of tea is mainly based on the tea plantation farmers and the study is to analyze about the problems of tea plantation farmers in Nilgiris District. The miserable living conditions and the wages of the tea plantation farmers are identified. The importance of considering these factors is analyzed and suggested as per the results inferred from several tea estates and unions resides in Nilgiris District.

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