“Management of psychosomatic oral diseases and neurotic oral symptoms” – a review

Xavier Pradeep D’mello A, Ramya V, Frankantony P Britto Sudeep D’mello A and Shravya M

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Psychosocial factors are recognized as an essential for health and as influential in disease. A psychosomatic disorder involves both body and mind. The mouth represents an organ of the expression of certain instinct ional cravings and is charged with a high psychologic potential. These diseases have physical symptoms originating from mental or emotional causes. Most common ones are stress, anxiety and depression. A wide spectrum of psychiatric disorders affects oral and para oral structures which have a definite psychosomatic cause, but unfortunately they remain unrecognized because of the common and limited nature of their presenting features. Emotional or psychological factors have been emphasized as potential influences with respect to a person’s health, resulting in an increased popularity of holistic medicine. Several studies relying on self-reported patient information between psychological state and incidence or progression of disease have been done and results have been interesting. With the above background this article attempts to review the current available literature on management of psychosomatic oral disease and neurotic oral symptoms.

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